Average penis and breast size by country: here’s the data

Posted on March 31, 2011 by


These must be some of the web’s best infographics.

One map shows the average breast size by country; the other, penis size in inches.

Fun, huh?

The first thing I did was look to see which country I fit in to… Did you?

The United States and Russia comes off pretty well in the bust-department. I wonder whether plastic surgery is taken in to account, though.

Both these maps are instantly understandable. The key is self-explanatory. If this information was given with words, it would take much longer to grasp the overall message. Here you can compare and contrast in a matter of seconds, which is what online users want.

It’s a really fun use of data and infographics. Well done, Geekologie and Target Map. This is just what Dressing up Data likes.

Barbara, Polly, Deborah and I are trying to get all our pennies together for a worldwide trip to investigate whether this data is correct. All donations welcome. First stop: Columbia.