City Uni launches interactive journalism MA

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City University, London is launching a pioneering MA in Interactive Journalism this September.

The course, developed by Paul Bradshaw, visiting professor and online journalism module leader at City, and Jonathan Hewett, director of newspaper journalism at City, will prepare students to work in the rapidly-changing environment of online journalism, with a focus on data journalism and community management.

The university currently offers an online module to its postgraduate journalism students but recognising the demand for skilled journalists in this field and the growing importance of knowing how to work with data has now created an entire masters course.
Alongside the core modules taught to all postgraduate journalism students such as media law, journalism practice, public administration and journalism and society, students will learn the skills of data journalism, online communities and content management, online journalism and entrepreneurial journalism.

Hewett told “Journalism is increasingly treating its audiences less as passive consumers and more as active participants, particularly online. The new Interactive Journalism MA programme at City University London will prepare students for roles that reflect this change to a more interactive, participatory and personalised approach.”

Bradshaw said the aim of the course is to produce journalists who “can take advantage of new career opportunities in data, community & multimedia but, more broadly, individuals who can fulfil their own professional objectives.

“I’m excited to see how it goes,” he added.

Hewett explained the course will “Combine data journalism and community management with reporting, interviewing, writing and editing.”

The year-long course, which costs £8.700, will start on 19 September 2011.

Will City University create the next generation of James Balls, Simon Rogers and Paul Bradshaws? It’s looking that way.

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